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Looking for time savings and less risk? Invest in several companies from the industry at once with a single transaction.

You do not need to understand the business of each particular company, and there’s no need for constant control. Execute ETF trades with 1,500 ETFs from iShares, Vanguard, BlackRock and other industry giants.

Our investment ideas will help you effectively manage your capital

Get access to analytics, recommendations, and exclusive offers from leading experts and analysts:
where is the best place to invest
which stocks and cryptocurrencies will growth at value
what investments can help you increase your income?

After registration, our clients get access to the investment ideas absolutely free of charge!

Choose ready-made investment solutions for yourself! For this:

1. Open an account
In order to start investing and earning, you need a trading account. It's simple: open it, top up and in 10 minutes you are ready to become an investor!

2. Pick an idea
Tailored to your strategy, timing and financial goals. We recommend setting a threshold of 10% of the portfolio for each of them.

3. Start trading in the stock and the cryptocurrency markets
After choosing an investment idea from our experts, you need to click the “Invest” button and place a buy order.

4. Take profit
When you reach the target price, you can sell the shares and start investing again.



Make money off buying and selling stocks after they have been listed on the stock exchange.

Savings D-account

Deposit US Dollars at 3% per annum in a savings D-account. Interest accrues daily.

Stocks and ETFs

Trade in securities on major American, European and Asian exchanges, on the best terms in Europe.


Get unique investment ideas from international-level analysts

White label

Start you brokerage business on major securities markets with a proprietary trading platform.




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